Autumn Ridge Calendar of Events:

    1.   Autumn Ridge III approved 05/11/2016 - http://edmondok.com/index.aspx?NID=84

    2.  Christmas Lighting -  November 25th, 2017 
    3.  Neighborhood Pool Opens - May 26th, 2018 and Close September 10th

    4.  Neighborhood Garage Sale - June  23rd, 2018 and  Pot Luck Dinner - June 24th, 2018

    5.  City of Edmond, Calendar of Events - http://edmondok.com/calendar.aspx

    6.  Urban Forestry Seeks Foster-A-Tree Participants - http://edmondok.com/foster

 Edmond Neighborhood Alliance presented Autumn Ridge with Awards: 2015 - 2017

 * ENA Best Newsletter, ENA Best Web Site and Golden Gate Award, Best Front Entrance:

 * The awards included certificates and a beautiful Redbud Tree. The tree was planted north of the pond.

Autumn Ridge Neighbors:

 Thank you -  Patty and Bonnie, new watering station for the Foster A Tree Program. 

 Thank you - Jim and Pam for the July 4th decorations at the Front Entrance. 

 Congratulations to the Clift family on Yard of the Week, City of Edmond.

Autumn Ridge Wins:

2018 Edmond Landscape Improvement Award.  Two beautiful Autumn Blaze Maple Trees

​Thank you Urban Forester, City of Edmond


Autumn Ridge Neighborhood is on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/autumnridgeok

Please forward updates to mark@maestroservices.com 

Autumn Ridge in Edmond OK