Autumn Ridge Calendar of Events:

    1.   Autumn Ridge III approved 05/11/2016 - http://edmondok.com/index.aspx?NID=84

    2.  Christmas Lighting -  November 25th, 2017 
    3.  Neighborhood Pool Opens - May 26th, 2018 and Close September 10th

    4.  Neighborhood Garage Sale - June  9th, 2018

    5.  City of Edmond, Calendar of Events - http://edmondok.com/calendar.aspx

    6.  Urban Forestry Seeks Foster-A-Tree Participants - http://edmondok.com/foster

 Edmond Neighborhood Alliance presented Autumn Ridge with Awards: 2015 - 2017

 * ENA Best Newsletter, ENA Best Web Site and Golden Gate Award, Best Front Entrance:

 * The awards included certificates and a beautiful Redbud Tree. The tree was planted north of the pond.

Autumn Ridge Neighbors:

 Thank you -  Patty and Bonnie, new watering station for the Foster A Tree Program. 

 Thank you - Jim and Pam for the July 4th decorations at the Front Entrance. 

 Congratulations to the Clift family on Yard of the Week, City of Edmond.

Edmond Planning Commission: Updated 12/28/2017

On January 8, the City Council can vote to deny a developer's request to renew the outdated PUD that governs development on the NW corner of Covell and Coltrane. That PUD has remained unchanged since 1990. It no longer meets Edmond's design for the 21st century.

The city has the authority to require the developer to submit a new plan that meets the Edmond's 2015 Strategic Plan, Plan IV, the Master Transportation Plan and other requirements that did not exist 27 years ago when the PUD was approved.  All these new  plans were written to ensure Edmond grows in a responsible way.

The opportunity for the city to require a new plan only occurs twice a decade. After a lengthy review, the Planning Commission correctly voted to deny the developer's request. But that vote is meaningless unless the City Council denies it, too. The City Council is now obligated to objectively review this vague and outdated PUD and should use their authority to deny it. 

Recent hearings and litigation confirmed the City's position that this PUD no longer fits Edmond's plan for the future. The reasons include traffic, safety, lack of infrastructure, sensitive borders and more.

The Council should follow the recommendation of the Planning Commission and deny this request. Please contact EACH of your City Council members and insist they exercise their authority to deny the request in the best interest of the city, not a single developer. Once its denied, the city regains its authority to ensure this corner is developed using current standards, not a plan from 1990.

Deny the request to renew the outdated and vague PUD governing development on the NW corner of Covell and Coltrane. 

The elected officials on your City Council listen to your personal opinions. Please contact EACH Council member below. Also, please attend the January 8 hearing at 5:30. It will be over before the football games start.

Mayor Charles Lamb:  chukolamb@aol.com; telephone:  359-4640 
Elizabeth Waner:  ebwaner@gmail.com; telephone:  359-4641 
Victoria Caldwell:   victoria.caldwell@edmondok.com; telephone:  359-4684 
Darrell Davis:  ddavis2564@aol.com; telephone:  359-4642 
Nick Massey:  nick.massey@edmondok.com; telephone:  359-4734

Autumn Ridge Neighborhood is on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/autumnridgeok

Please forward updates to mark@maestroservices.com 

Autumn Ridge in Edmond OK